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what constitutes "votes cast"?

Guest Jeff Kallunki

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3 hours ago, Guest Jeff Kallunki said:

Are voice votes, standing votes, raised hand votes, roll-call votes, ballot votes all considered to be votes cast

after the voting is done?

As far as Robert's Rules of Order's description of "votes cast", the answer is yes.


Question: What is not a "vote cast"?

Answer: An abstention. -- A voice which remains silent on a voice vote; a sitting member on a rising vote; a silent member on a roll-call vote; a paper ballot which is unmarked.


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I suspect that our guest is looking to some rule, either in his own rules or in RONR, that refers to "votes cast" and attempting to apply it to a particular situation, perhaps one where (just guessing) a mixture of voting methods was used to resolve some problem - as in, where some members mail in a ballot and then a voice vote is conducted at the meeting (a bad idea and not allowed in RONR unless your rules allow for it, by the way).  It might help if you tell us the scenario so that we can figure out what this question is asking.

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