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Possible to have Co Presidents

Guest Rita

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Under Roberts Rules - is it possible to have Co Presidents? There  would also be a Vice President. We are in the situation where no one wants to do the Presidency full time due to age, traveling, and have done it.   When installing you would only install the primary one, who would start out? How could this work? Our bylaws nor constitution has any wording to allow this.

Thank you, Rita

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8 hours ago, Hieu H. Huynh said:

RONR says that it should be avoided.

To be more specific, RONR says that it is prohibited, unless rules exist in the bylaws to allow it.

RONR also says that such the inclusion of such rules in the bylaws to allow it should be avoided.

Experience has shown that having co-anything does not help to facilitate operations, except to encourage finger pointing when things fail to get done.  If there are more duties than can be handled by a single president and vice president, consider having a 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd vice presidents.  

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