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Presidential Powers / Change order of Agenda Items

Jeanette Howard

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Hello, I just joined as a member; this is my second posting.  Does the president have the right to change the agenda, once published and revised?  The president took a non emergency item, moved it to the top of the agenda.  Although I objected, along with other members, the attorney said he had the right to do this as the president.

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Unless you have customized agenda rules to the contrary, the assembly that is meeting, not the president, has ultimate control over the agenda.  The president may have a proposed agenda or one for his own use as a guide during the meeting to stay on track and not omit something, but a proposed agenda does not become THE agenda until it is adopted by the assembly by a majority vote.  The  assembly may add to it, take from it and rearrange it as much as the assembly wants to.  Once it is adopted, it can still be amended by a two thirds vote.

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