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On topic thread robertsrules.forumflash.com/index.php?/topic/29577-initial-motion/ , , right now the OP is labelled "Posted 6 hours ago"; the second post (i.e., the first reply), Kim Goldsworthy's, is labelled "Posted 4 hours ago," and likewise the next, Guest Zev's, "4 hours ago"; but then the next, Hieu H Huynh's, says "Posted 1 [sic, "one"] minute ago," but the post after his, OP Travis's,  thanking him, is labelled "Posted 9 minutes ago".  (The next post, mine, is labelled "Posted just now.")  What in sam hill?


N. B. The thread title is a pun.  Ghaaah, I hate puns.

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On my screen, they show as 13 hours ago, 11 hours ago, 11 hours ago, 7 hours ago, 24 minutes ago, and 15 minutes ago.

Maybe you had the page open for so long that the computer got tired of keeping track of the time. (Maybe Linux is easily fatigable.)

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