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Proper correction to minutes


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Question regarding correcting minutes:

Prior to a board meeting, a club member sent an email asking why the board did not participate in a specific event.  The response to this member was noted in the corresponding secretaries report at the next meeting.  After the minutes of that meeting were approved and published to the membership, another member brought to the attention of the entire board that the original response was not accurate.  This fact was brought up at the next meeting (February), but the minutes were not corrected as the chair wanted to research the matter further.  As another member of the board has found evidence that the original response was, in fact, inaccurate, is it appropriate to make a motion to correct the minutes from that first meeting (January), at the next upcoming meeting (March), which would be 2 months after the fact.  And would this be a simple motion to correct the January minutes?

Thank you.

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i'm not entirely clear on what's missing from the January minutes but if they need correcting, it is done by a motion to amend something previously adopted (p. 305ff).  The motion requires a majority vote if previous notice of the motion is given (pp. 121-124), a 2/3 vote without previous notice or a vote of a majority of the entire board.

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