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Minutes of Meetings required to be provided to members?

Guest EAT

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If nothing specific in the Bylaws, does Roberts Rules provide that members of a non-profit organization should be timely provided Minutes of Meetings of the Membership (such as an AGM)?  as well as Minutes of Board Meetings?  upon specific request of a member?

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I believe only members of the board are entitled to access the minutes of the board meetings (p. 460, ll. 17-20), unless the board agrees to allow a member of the organization to inspect them (note the word "inspect") or the organization orders the board (via a 2/3 vote) to produce and read the board minutes  (p. 487, ll. 13-20).

I expect different organizations have their own methods for approving AGM minutes, with some distributing a draft to all members while other read a draft out loud at the next meeting. What does your organization typically do?

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