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Good day everyone.  I have a question of bylaws. Some members of our organization attempted to "fast track" proposed changes in our current bylaws. They claimed that at a regular "General membership" meeting (I unfortunately was unable to attend) they (allegedly) suspended the meeting and then called for a "Special Meeting" to discuss and vote on the proposed changes. They say a vote was taken "in favor" of the proposed changes. According to what's been told, they then suspended the "Special meeting" and went back into the regular "General Membership" meeting. Our bylaws state that in order to change our bylaws  1. "The President may order a special meeting of Association at any time and shall do so at the request of any ten members in good standing, thereafter the Recording Secretary shall notify the membership stating the purpose and no other order of  business shall be addressed at that special meeting", only that matter of issue shall be discussed. may be called for that specific purpose.  My question is: Does the fact that there are no minutes from that meeting "anywhere" to be found and what's stated above nullify the alleged ratification of the proposed bylaws?  Hope it's not too confusing.  Thanks.

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