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meeting attendance

Guest J Korte

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Nothing in RONR hinges on attendance or signing in.  If something in your rules hinges on attendance or signing in, then your rules should define attendance.  If they don't, well, your organization will need to determine what attendance means for its purposes, but I tend to think you'd be on shaky ground if, without having anything in your rules, you decided to penalize someone for lack of attendance who was there for even an instant.  

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On 3/12/2017 at 10:10 AM, Guest J Korte said:

What would constitute meeting attendance?

• signing in then leaving shortly after.

• signing in and leaving half way through meeting.

• showing up late.

You seems to think that attendance at a meeting is like the Frank Sinatra song, "All or Nothing at All". ;)

There is no rule in Robert's Rules which cares "how much" meeting one attends.

There is nothing in Robert's Rules which implies that "attendance of some fraction N" implies "attendance of the entire meeting."

One could indeed attend a meeting for 30 seconds. -- Perhaps 1/120th of the whole meeting.-- Less than one percent of the whole meeting.


If your organization needs to know such data, then your organization will have to customize the rule and create the criteria.


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1 minute ago, Guest Perry said:

What does Robert's Rule state about making up missed meetings? (Time frame to make a meeting up).

It doesn't say anything about it.  Also, please don't add on to old threads.  See this from Mr. Gerber https://robertsrules.forumflash.com/topic/25416-important-read-this-first-faq-and-information-for-new-members-and-guests/


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