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Audio recording of BOD meetings by a member

Guest Gloria

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It has been a very challenging couple of years for our current BOD, resulting in most of the volunteers resigning from their positions and the resignation of three secretaries.  As a result, the minutes of the BOD meetings do not reflect the actual activities and motions made e.g., a member submitted two agenda items in letter form well before the deadline for submission.  The agenda items did not appear on the agenda.  The member was not notified of the omission in advance.  The president asked for a motion be made by the BOD to approve the agenda and a second.  The member then interjected "a point of discussion" regarding the missing items.  The member was told that agenda items were not submitted, but rather, a letter was submitted (which was not acknowledged in correspondence).   Consequently, the member stated that the agenda items were withdrawn due to the hostile remarks made by the board.    First, if a member submits an agenda item properly (it just so happened that they were included in a letter format), does the board have the right not to include it on the agenda?

My second question is......do members have the right to make an audio recording of Board meetings for their own use as long as they do not interfere with the proceedings?    It is my understanding that Florida statutes provide for this.  I record on my iPad while sitting in my seat so I can listen to the proceedings at my convenience.  It is easier than writing everything.

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