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Non-voting and paid executive director

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Per RONR, only members of the body that is meeting may speak in debate.  However, the body may adopt a rule governing remarks/presentations by the executive director.  It is quite common for an executive director to attend board meetings and to participate to at least some degree.  If he isn't an actual member of the body that is meeting, they can grant him permission to speak and address the body by a majority vote and, by a two thirds vote they can grant him permission to participate in debate.  Either action can also be done by unanimous consent without a vote.

The participation of an executive director varies substantially from one organization to another. 

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3 hours ago, Guest Maya Guest said:

Can a non-voting paid executive director provide comment during discussion of a vote?

Q. Do you have rules already in place which grant this person any kind of rights?

Under the default rules of Robert's Rules of Order, a non-member cannot speak.

So if your Ex. Dir. is not a current member in good standing, then, technically, he does not even have the right to attend your meetings.


The body may grant permission to such a person to attend. And, to speak.

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39 minutes ago, Guest Guest Maya said:

Where can I find this info.

which guide book and/or website?

In this book:


And in this one: 


Edited to add: if you are truly unfamiliar with parliamentary procedure and Roberts Rules of Order, an excellent book to help you understand it is "Roberts Rules for Dummies" by C. Alan Jennings , a highly respected professional Parliamentarian who writes using easy to understand language. Note: it is a book ABOUT Roberts Rules of Order and is not intended to be cited as a parliamentary authority.


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