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Policy Suggestions Needed!

Guest Tyler

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Good afternoon, 

I do hope this post is acceptable for this forum - it is not Robert's Rule oriented but I could not find another forum in which to have this discussion.

I am a coordinator for a volunteer Board which is a committee of our local Town council.

We have a set annual budgeted amount for conference attendance - of which there are many that the Board can choose to attend throughout the year. Our problem exists in a lack of consensus as to who is best suited to attend these conference opportunities. I need to put together a policy for conference attendance in order to help the board ensure that conference attendance is decided in a fair and practical manner.

I guess my question would be is there anyone who has experience with drafting a similar policy or have seen a similar policy in the past? I am having difficult finding any reference materials to put together this policy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, 


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Why not simply nominate and elect members to attend the conference?  RONR has all the rules for that covered with no need to develop additional ones. The members can debate the nominations while making them if they feel they need to offer additional support for their choice.

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8 hours ago, Guest Tyler said:

 Unfortunately in the past there had been complaints about how conference attendance was selected

and a resolution has been passed to draft an attendance policy.

Okay, I'll bite.

   Q. What was "wrong" with the old-style of selection?

   Q. What was the method of the old-style of selection? -- e.g., majority vote? lottery? seniority? first come, first served?


Robert's Rules of Order won't contain "qualifications for office".

So no page citation will help you choose a philosophy of selection.

You can select via any possible method, if you choose to reject "majority vote", and leave parliamentary procedure out of the equation.

("Trial by combat" has a 1,000 year history supporting its application. And it isn't Robertian in nature.) ;)


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Guest Tyler, it looks to me like your question is not one of parliamentary procedure but rather one of what criteria and standards are going to be used for selecting attendees. Other than that, I really can't add to what my colleagues have said. If you want a parliamentary procedure answer, the tried-and-true method is simply majority vote. For example, potential attendees could be nominated and then selected by majority vote the same way an organization would elect the members of the board of directors. If you have 10 nominees but can only select five attendees, the first five to attain a majority vote are selected. That's just one example of how you could do it.

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