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Business conducted at a special meeting that is not on the agenda

Guest Joyce

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No. In my opinion, it is not valid. A notice requirement is something that cannot be waived and its breach constitutes a continuing breach. However, the action may be ratified at a future meeting and probably should be if the members are in support of the action.

At a future meeting any member can make a point of order that the action taken is invalid because it was not listed in the call of the meeting. The chair would rule on the point of order. The chair's decision can be appealed to the assembly. The decision of the assembly is final.

However, keep in mind that whether the item of business was listed on the agenda is not the issue. The issue is whether the item was listed in the call of the meeting  (the notice of the special meeting). 

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3 hours ago, Guest Who's Coming to Dinner said:

What if the notice says "other business"?

"A special meeting (or called meeting) is a separate session of a society held at a time different from that of any regular meeting, and convened only to consider one or more items of business specified in the call of the meeting. Notice of the time, place, and purpose of the meeting, clearly and specifically describing the subject matter of the motions or items of business to be brought up, must be sent to all members a reasonable number of days in advance." (RONR 11th ed., pg. 91)

"Other business" does not seem very clear or specific to me.

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