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Can the chair block nominations from the floor?

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Some say yes, because the bylaws specify that nominations to the board of trustees are made by a Nominating Committee. Others say no, because after the Nominating Committee gives its report to the general membership, the Chair is supposed to call for further nominations from the floor prior to the vote. (RONR 11th ed. p. 435, ll 10-25). The bylaws do cite Robert's Rules as the governing parliamentary authority.

The question is complicated by the fact the right to nominate, like the right to speak in debate, is considered a basic right of every member that can curtailed only by disciplinary proceedings (RONR 11th ed. p.264, ll 12-13). If so, it's not clear how a member who wishes to add to the Nominating Committee's nominations can be prevented from doing so.

Any thoughts from the experts?




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Guest Who's Coming to Dinner

I think you should appeal the chair's ruling or raise a point of order if you believe the bylaws and/or parliamentary authority are being disobeyed. The assembly will ultimately decide.

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