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Included in the Minutes

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Members should not be ruled out of order.  Their actions, though, might be.  Points of order should be included, together with the ruling of the chair and any stated reasons, see p. 470 line 15.

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12 minutes ago, parkourninja said:

Should instances where a member's action is ruled out of order but a point of order was not raised be included in the minutes?

I would say yes, because page 646 makes it plain that the chair can call a member to order on his own without another member having to raise a point of order and page 469 says that all points of order should be included in the minutes.

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Guest Nancy N.

Of course the chair should be seeing to it that the rules are being followed, without his having to be prompted by a member.  (It then follows that if he is performing his duties perfectly, then no points of order should be raised.)  As to the minutes, I'd bet it depends on the degree of the infraction.  For example, if a member has already spoken twice on a question, and he rises to speak again, the chair should point out that the member has already used up his alloted two speeches; but I don't think this deserves to be noted in the minutes, do you?

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