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Votes during executive session

Guest George

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Board went into executive session.   A vote was taken.  President then released the vote tally, and how each board member voted, to an association member.  I feel this was a violation of the principle of executive session.  Am I on solid footing?

A second nuance to this question.  While in executive session, the Parliamentarian was asked whether the vote needed a simple majority or 2/3 majority.  The parliamentarian needed time to research the answer, and the President went onto other board business.  Several minutes later, the answer was given, that a 2/3 majority was needed.  The board then voted.  The President now claims the board was no longer in executive session.  Two points.  The board never formally ended executive session even though it discussed ordinary board business while the research was being done, and assuming by operation the executive session was in abeyance during the research, once the answer was provided as to the voting requirement, was the subsequent vote a natural extension of the executive session, and therefore was done in executive session?  Thank you.

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As a general rule, once an assembly goes into executive session it remains in executive session until it agrees to come out of it, either by vote or by unanimous consent. We don't know what the facts are in your particular case; you have to tell us.

If the board was in executive session at the time the vote was taken, it would have been improper for the president or anyone else to release the vote tally and how each member voted to anyone other than another member of the board.

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