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Amending a Standing Committee By-Law

Guest Queen24

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I'm not clear on whether this is a standing committee that is proposing a change to the organization's bylaws; or,
a standing committee's bylaws are being changed by... somebody?

Mr. H.H.H. has assumed the former, and he's justified in doing so because committees rarely have their own bylaws; but,
reading the title and original post, something makes me wonder.

What say you, Queen24?


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4 minutes ago, Guest Reply said:

A member in the organization is proposing a by-law change to a standing committee description. Who would present the potential change to the organization? The member proposing the change?

Typically, yes.

"When previous notice has been given, it is usual to wait for the member who gave notice of these motions to move them; but if he does not, any member can do so. "  RONR (11th ed.), p. 307

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