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Is open discussion required to be after new business?

Guest Princess234

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There is no such requirement in Robert's Rules. Under "New Business," unless your own rules state otherwise, members may make motions about items not otherwise under consideration at the meeting. But unless your meeting is composed of no more than about a dozen members, and therefore operating under the rules for small boards (RONR pg. 487 ff), discussion without a motion on the floor is prohibited unless your own rules provide otherwise.


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"Open discussion" is not part of the standard order of business per RONR.  However, an organization can taylor its order of business and agendas pretty much any way it wants to.  Some organizations do have a period, usually at the end of the meeting, which is frequently called "for the good of the order" or something similar, where announcements and discussion without motions can take place.  That can be structured and called whatever your organization wants to call it.   It is certainly not required.

This is RONR says about it on page 362:

"Good of the Order, General Good and Welfare, or Open Forum. This heading, included by some types of societies in their order of business, refers to the general welfare of the organization, and may vary in character. Under this heading (in contrast to the general parliamentary rule that allows discussion only with reference to a pending motion), members who obtain the floor commonly are permitted to offer informal observations regarding the work of the organization, the public reputation of the society or its membership, or the like. Certain types of announcements may tend to fall here. Although the Good of the Order often involves no business or motions, the practice of some organizations would place motions or resolutions relating to formal disciplinary procedures for offenses outside a meeting (63) at this point. In some organizations, the program (see below) is looked upon as a part of the Good of the Order."

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