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Does the corresponding secretary role need to be an officer position

Guest Anna Decker

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Currently our society bylaws show the corresponding secretary role under the committee chairs.  This person sends meeting notices, newsletters, and reports to society members.  I have presented a bylaw change to the board stating the corresponding secretary role should be that of an officer, not committee chair.  The board is hesitant to change the role to that of an officer and wants to see if they can somehow form a subcommittee under the Secretary office so the person in the current role will continue to serve in that capacity.  They also argue they can't fill current officer positions and to add another officer position will not be good.

My question:  Where is the correct place for the duties of corresponding secretary need to be, as an officer or committee chair?

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My answer will be slightly different from Mr. Huynh's answer: not only MAY your organization decide on the details regarding the corresponding secretary, but your organization SHOULD decide those issues. In fact, I think your organization MUST decide them as RONR provides no guidance on that point. 

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