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What Is Supposed to Happens AFTER a Motion Passes?

Guest SMKI

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I'm having trouble finding the rules about what is supposed to happen AFTER a motion is passed or carried.

I ask because I have a Board that has passed two motions that required follow-up and the Board has done NOTHING after passing the motion. I want to file some sort of grievance against the Board, but I need to cite a rule violation in order to do so.

Your help is appreciated

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Guest Who's Coming to Dinner

Administration is beyond the scope of the rules of order. Once a motion is adopted, it's up to the assembly to see that it is carried out. A board member could move to take some followup action, as could a parent assembly that has authority over the board.

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After a motion is adopted, the chair could explain its effect and ramifications, and after the meeting the chair could meet with those responsible for carrying out the motion to ensure that they know what to do.  It is a basic principle of management science to always "follow up."


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