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Removing Write-In Votes

Guest Julie

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Our organization would like to remove write ins from the ballots, as a person just one a position as a write in.  Some didn't like it, and are pushing to make a resolution to not allow write ins.  Is this allowed?  Our parent organization allows them, and once said this could not be done.  Now they are potentially changing their stance on this?

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15 minutes ago, Guest Julie said:

So if amended, this can happen?  I wasn't sure with the parent organization allowing them.  

Yes.  How your group's bylaws need to be compliant in requisite areas with your parent organization's bylaws isn't something we can know, but your organization just can't stop allowing write-ins without amending the bylaws.  Perhaps it's best to consult with parent organization prior to making any change in  your bylaws.

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3 hours ago, Guest Julie said:

I wasn't sure with the parent organization allowing them.  

Your organization is only required to comply with its parent organization’s bylaws on clearly requisite points. If your parent organization permits write-in votes in its own elections, that doesn’t have anything to do with your organization’s elections. On the other hand, if your parent organization’s bylaws provide that its constituent organizations must allow for write-in votes, then that’s what you must do. I concur with Mr. Mervosh that if there is any question on this point, it would be prudent to check with the parent organization.

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