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Neither, in my opinion.  It sounds like a board or officer's report which would come right after reading and approval of the minutes and prior to any unfinished business or new business.

Here is the standard order of business per RONR:

    1)    Reading and Approval of Minutes*
    2)    Reports of Officers, Boards, and Standing (that is, permanently established) Committees
    3)    Reports of Special (Select or Ad Hoc) Committees (that is, committees appointed to exist only until they have completed a specified task)
    4)    Special Orders (that is, matters which have previously been assigned a type of special priority, as explained in 14 and 41)
    5)    Unfinished Business and General Orders (that is, matters which have come over from the preceding meeting or which have been scheduled for the present meeting)
    6)    New Business (that is, matters initiated in the present meeting)

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