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Special Election

Guest Kim Grimm

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I have a chapter board who will be holding a special election for an executive board position. Another executive board and to run for the position. Questions, does she have to step down in her current position to run? If she runs and loses, can she reclaim her previous position. Should they include both positions in the special election?

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Guest Kim, I don't quite understand the facts.  Perhaps it is because your second sentence doesn't make much sense.  Can you try to clarify.... and tell us what position this person currently holds and what position she wants to run for?   What "both positions" are you referring to?

I can tell you, though, without waiting for more information, that once a person resigns from a position, that person does not automatically get to "reclaim" the prior position.  It's possible she can be re-elected to it or be appointed to it, but it is certainly not automatic.

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