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How to Appeal a Committee Decision?


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No rule in RONR grants the committee any sort of final authority in this matter.  They don't have to nominate him, but after they report at a meeting he can be nominated from the floor.  If the President rules that he's ineligible, that decision may be appealed and the membership decides.

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In our bylaws the eligibility for office states, 

"eligibility for candidates for officer positions as follows:

a.  At least two (2) years seniority as a member, with at least one (1) year service on a committee or verified attendance of at least fifty percent (50%) of the general body meetings. Attendance will be determined by an attendance sign-up sheet maintained by the Secretary. The nominee must meet the requirements for attendance within the two (2) years prior to their nomination; and

b. Submission of an application for nomination endorsed by at least two (2) active members of the Association.

c.  Any Executive Officer having incurred a formal suspension, or having been charged with a criminal offense shall voluntarily resign his/her position on the DSA Executive Board for the remainder of their term"

The Member was on 3 committees for 4 years from 2010 to 2014.

Nomination committee is trying to apply the 2 year attendance rule within two years of nomination.

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