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Promoting topic on agenda

Guest Sheri

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The chairperson would like to promote a topic on the agenda, so that it doesn't have to wait until after unfinished business.  The order of business is not specifically listed in the bylaws, but states that the cabinet determines the order of the agenda.  Does this mean that RONR (Minutes, Reports, Special Orders, Unfinished Business, New Business) is not followed?  How does something become a Special Order, perhaps that would be an option?



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Well, this raises a few thoughts for me.  First, unfinished business is rare, so it's odd for this to be a concern.  Next, if the bylaws do not provide an order of business, but say the cabinet (I assume this term is defined in the bylaws) will come up with one, then that is what should happen - and, if the cabinet fails to, I would think the order in RONR would prevail.  But if the cabinet does adopt a different order of business, that will be followed.  Finally, the item could be made a special order by a motion to make it a special order, which is (I think) an incidental main motion.  Alternatively, the assembly could simply suspend the rules to take up the item at an earlier point in the meeting.

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