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Recording of Minutes of HOA Annual Meeting

Guest William M. Lee

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5 minutes ago, Guest William M. Lee said:

In the formulation of minutes of an HOA Annual Meeting, should the names of individuals making motions and those seconding motions be mentioned in the minutes or should reference only be made to the motion and second?

The names of the individuals making main motions should be entered in the minutes, but not the names of seconders.

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15 minutes ago, Guest RONR Citation said:

Thank you.  Can you give me a citation of the RONR that is an authority for this?

"The name of the maker of a main motion should be entered in the minutes, but the name of the seconder should not be entered unless ordered by the assembly."  RONR (11th ed.), p. 470

(Just in case Mr. Honemann is busy right now :) )

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