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Nominating committees

Guest Barngirl

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Guest Who's Coming to Dinner

Nominations from the floor are in order following the report of the nominating committee. If there are no nominations and your bylaws require a ballot vote, then voters can still write in names. And if all that fails, maybe it's time to propose that you wind up your organization.

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16 minutes ago, Guest Barngirl said:

If a nominating committee is to come up with a slate of officers, what if no one volunteers to be part of that nominating committee?  How do elections take place? Can they?

How do your bylaws say the members of the nominating committee are to be selected?  Strictly by volunteering?  That would be most unusual.   Usually, the members of the nominating committee are selected (elected) by the membership, but your bylaws may provide otherwise.  

Regardless of whether there is a nominating committee and regardless of what, if nominees the committee comes up with, nominations from the floor are still in order unless prohibited by your bylaws.  So are write-in candidates. 

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