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Removal Of Council Member


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The first place to check is your bylaws, since any rules on removal contained there would supersede any conflicting rule in RONR.  If there are none, the RONR default rules on discipline are contained in the twentieth chapter (Ch. XX) .  See also FAQ#20 here.

Ordinarily, voting to remove someone could only be done by the body that voted to install them.  But the bylaws may contain exceptions.

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1 hour ago, RockfordRebel said:

On a council, if a member is not fit to hold a position, can a president officially remove that individual or does the whole council have to vote ? In the case of a resident council, do the residents vote on the removal if the residents voted that person into office ?

I agree with Mr. Novosielski.  The president can remove a member only if the bylaws explicitly give him that authority.

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