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Vice President Does Not Want to Serve as President

Guest Crystal

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Some members of the nomination committee of my society held a meeting with only two members in attendance. The others were not notified. The vice president, who was to take the president position has doesn't he does not want to fill that position. He wrote a letter of resignation and sent it to a couple of board members, not the president. Him and the other lady, who was not on the nomination committee, sent out an email listing officers and board members, without getting permission from the listed officers. She listed herself as president. Shouldn't there be a nomination and election held to fill the position for president? Should the vice president have sent the letter to the president? What is the next step to be taken?

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I have no idea what happened here, but I'm willing to say it was probably wrong in every way.

1. A committee may not hold a (special) meeting without notifying its members.

2. Two members may or may not be a quorum for the committee, depending on its size and any rules.  Committees may produce reports containing statements agreed to individually by all members if a quorate meeting is not held, but they can't hold an inquorate meeting and produce a report based on what it decides.

3. What do you mean when you say the vice president "was to take" the president's position?  Was it vacant?  It shouldn't have been; if the president left the vice president automatically took the position, like it or not.

4. From what did the vice president resign?  He has no special obligation to send his letter to the president, but it doesn't take effect until accepted by the appropriate body, which may or may not be the board.

5. Who is this "other lady?"  Do you mean to say that the committee supposedly held a meeting with two attendees, and one of them wasn't even on the committee?

6. The nominating committee doesn't need permission from the nominees to nominate them, although not having it is stupid.

7. Even if their email were a report of the nominating committee (it isn't), that doesn't make those people officers or board members (unless you have rules to the contrary).  Rather, it, as the name suggests, nominates them.  There still needs to be an election (unless the bylaws do not require a ballot and there is only one nominee for each office).


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Guest Who's Coming to Dinner
51 minutes ago, Guest Crystal said:

What is the next step to be taken?

Read your bylaws. They will tell you how nominations are to be made and how elections are to be held. Then raise a point of order at your next meeting that the officer appointments are invalid (as they probably are), and that the proper process needs to be followed.

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