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voting on a motion and elections

Guest Jim

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6 minutes ago, Guest Jim said:

Under Robert Rules of order can I vote in an election even though the "rules and regulations of the organization" state you must make 7 of the last 10 rolling meetings in order to vote or become a board member of the organization?

No. The rules and regulations of the organization take precedence over the rules in Robert's Rules of Order.

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28 minutes ago, Guest Jim said:

If I am a member of an organization which is supposed to adhere to RR of order, am I allowed to vote on a motion made on the floor ?

Well, the definition of member in RONR is the full right to participate in the proceedings, but I suspect there are relevant facts that might make a difference here.  

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Agreeing with both Mr. Honemann and Mr. Katz, it might make a difference as to just what type of "rule" Guest Jim is referring to.  If it is a rule in the bylaws, then it absolutely controls and could prevent a member from voting.  If it is a standing rule, a special rule of order, or a rule contained in some kind of "policies and procedures manual", it likely is not of such a character as being able to prevent a member from voting.  We really need to more about the exact nature of the rule in order to fully answer this question. 

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