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Nominations of Offcers

Guest Snowman34

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Some more information would be helpful here.

For example, was the President's term of office up for election at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)?  If yes, then someone should have been nominated, or volunteered.  If not, then you have an incomplete election and only those allowed to vote at the AGM can vote at another meeting in order to complete the election.

Did the Office of President become vacant due to resignation, death, or removal from office?  If so, the Vice President (if there is one) becomes President automatically.  If there is no Vice President, then the Office of President becomes filled through an appointment by the general membership unless the By-laws specifically allow the Executive Board to fill a vacancy.

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6 hours ago, Guest Snowman34 said:

If no one is mominated for the office of president does the organization's Executive Board have the power to appoint someone?

Only if your bylaws give it that authority. As Rev Ed mentioned, it MIGHT be possible for your board to appoint someone, usually on an  interim basis, but that depends on your bylaws. We need a lot more information in order to be of much help in this case.

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