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Reconsideration of a Point of Order

Weldon Merritt

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RONR says that a Point of Order cannot be reconsidered. P. 249, l. 28 (SDC #8). A decision by the assembly on an Appeal. however, can be reconsidered. P. 258, l. 19 (SDC #8). A Point of Order also is undebatable, except that "f the chair submits the point to a vote of the assembly, the rules governing its debatability are the same as for an Appeal ...." P. 249, ll. 21.23 (SDC #5, emphasis in original).

Does that, by implication, mean that a Point of Order that has been submitted to the assembly can be reconsidered, just as an appeal can? Logically, it seems that it should be reconsiderable under such circumstances. (Why should the assembly be able to change its mind in one circumstance but not the other?) But the explicit language of Point of Order SDC #8 does not provide an exception similar to the one in SDC #5. Is this an oversight, or is there some logic that I am missing?

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3 hours ago, Daniel H. Honemann said:

I still haven't found any specific statement in RONR about this (after another five minute search), and I still think the answer is clearly yes, the assembly's decision on a point of order can be reconsidered.  :)


Maybe something for the 12th edition?

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