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Who is to follow Robert's Rules?

Guest Cristine

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1 hour ago, Guest Cristine said:

Who is to follow Robert's Rules?  What types of organizations?  Do  501C3's need to follow these rules also?

Deliberative assemblies, which are defined on pgs. 1-2 of RONR, 11th ed. are generally expected to follow the common parliamentary law, at least to the extent that there is agreement on what those rules are among the assembly’s members. Many different sorts of organizations include deliberative assemblies at some level. No organization is required to use Robert’s Rules in particular, unless required to do so by the organization’s own rules or by the rules of the parent organization. It is generally advisable, however, for organizations to adopt a particular manual on the common parliamentary law, and RONR is the most widely-used, and certainly the most highly recommended by the members of this forum.

Whether or not an organization has a particular tax status really has nothing to do with it.

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