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president resignation

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The answer mostly depends on your bylaws. RONR has no provisions regarding a past president. However, it is my opinion , and I believe the opinion of most of the regular contributors to this forum, that a "past president" is anyone who has ever held the position of president, regardless of why, when or how the person left office.  Using that rationale, the "immediate past president" would be the most recent person to have held the office   regardless of why, when or how he left office and regardless of whether he served a full term. 

If your organization has a position of past president or immediate past president, it is ultimately up to your organization to interpret that provision. 

Consider our past U.S.Presidents: Don't we consider every one of our former presidents to be a past president  regardless of how long he served or why he left office? 

Has Richard Nixon been stricken from the history books? I don't think so! :)

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