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Question about recognition, number of speeches, and subsidiary motions

Guest Bob Smith

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I would like to thank you in advance for any answers you may provide.

In an Assembly, whose bylaws generally do not conflict with the procedures in Robert's Rules, when is a member considered to have exercised his right to make a speech before the  Assembly? Does the member's first opportunity to speak expire as soon as the member is recognized? Or does it actually expire when the member enters debate? Suppose that a member rises, is recognized, and only states a subsidiary motion (such as a motion to amend), does that count as a speech?

Suppose a member speaks on the topic of the main motion and then ends his speech by moving to amend the main motion(and as soon as it is seconded, sits down), does that count as a speech to the main motion, to the subsidiary motion, or to both?

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I don't dispute that making a main motion is not considered a speech, but as amendments are offered during debate on the main motion, I had always assumed that making a motion, whether at the beginning or end of a speech, counted as one.  I would not be unhappy to be wrong on this, as it does seem fair..

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