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Modifications to RR for Online Meetings (?)

Guest William

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With the growing rate of online meetings, both chat-based and audio-visual, I'm looking for updates or revisions to Robert's Rules which handle these new problems. Even with full video teleconferencing there are some pressing issues.
Example problems:

  • What should happen if a meeting attendee loses signal? What if that attendee is an officer or the Chair?
  • Can the Chair mute audio from members, even for the purpose of improving the overall audio quality? 
  • When is a secondary line of communication, say, using a chat window, appropriate for teleconferencing?
  • If the Chair is handling a second line of communication, how does the assembly know this process is fair?
  • In chat-based meetings how much time should be offered members who are not touch typists? 
  • How is made clear to attendees that a particular person has the floor?

One of the methods of handling such issues would be to specialize the online communications software to specifically enforce RR and/or create special parallel capabilities such as giving members the ability to query the Chair (points) without interrupting the the floor.

Has anyone revised RR for online meetings?

Does anyone know of new software or groups planning on implementing new software?

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2 hours ago, Guest William said:

Has anyone revised RR for online meetings?

Does anyone know of new software or groups planning on implementing new software?

In the order asked...

1). Yes, sorta, at least for meetings vie e-mail (which may or may not be helpful).

Click this link:    https://www.dropbox.com/s/g8w31eocwqx067h/E-Meetings 2012.docx?dl=0

And if you like what you read, click this one:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/453cfqxcmt9cbuk/E-Meetings in Real World 2012.docx?dl=0

2). The NAP has been using a good system:  Adobe Connect. http://www.adobe.com/products/adobeconnect.html

Ask them        (http://www.parliamentarians.org/)

how they like it.  It ain't free, of course.

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First of all, it isn't a matter of "revising" Robert's Rules of Order. Robert's Rules makes provision for organizations to adopt whatever "special rules of order" they need. Those special rules supersede their adopted parliamentary authority.

As noted above, the National Association of Parliamentarians currently uses Adobe Connect for its board meetings. Here is a link to their special rules of order that are tailored to that technology: https://sites.google.com/site/enapunit/nap-special-rules-for-electronic-meetings.

Additionally, there are currently local NAP "units" (clubs) that utilize both chat room technology and Adobe Connect. The former is called "eNAP," and here is a link to that unit's special rules: https://sites.google.com/site/enapunit/enap-special-rules-of-order.

I am the current president of the NAP unit that uses Adobe Connect. Here is a link to our meeting room, on which you can download our special rules, which are based on NAP's rules: http://nap.adobeconnect.com/alpha-unit

My email address is also listed in the room. Feel free to contact me if you further questions.


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