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The Corresponding Secretary of a board that I am also a sitting board member of has received a letter from a member who wishes to remain anonymous. I do not know by which means the letter was received (email, USPS, etc) at this time. My question is if the Corresponding Secretary received the letter via USPS and there is a return address, how is that piece of information handled? For example, is the envelope and letter both forwarded to the remaining board members for review? At this time, the Board has seen the letter, but due to the sender of the letter asking to remain anonymous, clearly, no other piece of information has been forwarded to the other board members at this time. If there was a return address on the envelope, should the Corresponding Secretary simply indicate to the other board members that she has verified that the letter was in fact received from a member in good standing and not allow the remaining board members see the envelope? Clearly, we want to ensure that if a member in good standing wishes to remain anonymous, that request needs to be honored. The validity of the letter also needs to be confirmed.

It seems as though RONR does not address anonymous correspondence.

Thank you!



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Many organizations have anonymous suggestion boxes.  I think it would be unwarranted for the board to demand to know who the sender is.   The Corresponding Secretary could read the letter at a board meeting, and the board could take (or not take) an action in regard to it.

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