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Not inappropriate but it would be best to contact either the NAP or AIP for a local reference:

Contact either (or both) the ...

National Association of Parliamentarians
213 South Main St.
Independence, MO  64050-3850

Phone: 888-627-2929
Fax: 816-833-3893;  
e-mail: hq@NAP2.org  


American Institute of Parliamentarians
618 Church Street, Ste 220
Nashville, TN 37219

phone: 888-664-0428
e-mail: aip@aipparl.org
<< www.aipparl.org >>

for a reference or information.  Both organizations offer training and contacts with local parliamentarians.

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Perhaps you could read through some responses on topics and find one of us who you think gives good answers, and then send them a message asking for information. We all have our owns rates and ways of working. So cost needs to be negotiated with a particular parliamentarian.

Alternatively, both the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) and the American Institute of Parliamentarians (AIP) have referral services on their websites.


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