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Can an HOA create fake news about me and restrict my presents from their office?

I am taking them to small claims for reimbursement of water damage resulting from tree-roots on common area  clogging the sewer line on common area causing flood in bathroom bedroom. Results are drying,replacing dry wall, carpet matting and re painting. They removed the tree on their common area but only want to pay half of resulting damages. And now are claiming I'm disrespectful too staff...who I've checked with and verified that they are miffed by mgrs claims! They like the facts I'm not going too roll over too this ridiculous stuff and I'm now considering a defamation battle ....which I do not want to pursue but it's my reputation and now lives in a file and I'm going to buy more rentals in this 55 and older retirement community!

I like this beautiful place and the beautiful older neighbors..... 


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