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Guest Paul Kirchgraber

Reconsidering a committee desicion

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Guest Paul Kirchgraber

A committee convenes to hear a presentation that comes to them with a request for a positive recommendation for action to the full board

·         The committee discusses the request and ultimately a motion is made (and adopted) not to move forward with a recommendation to the board

·         At the meeting of the full assembly when report is made by the committee, questions about this matter are asked and concern is expressed regarding the committee decision not to move forward

Now here’s my question: At this point in the meeting of the full assembly, under the agenda item of this committee report, is it permissible for a member (of the assembly, not necessarily the committee) to move to reconsider the committee’s decision, or to take up this matter again in any way in the full assembly?

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It is likely that the motion in committee not to move forward was improper.  Negative motions, which have the same effect (no action) whether adopted or not, should be ruled out of order.  The proper action is to move to approve, and then vote to defeat that motion.

But in any case, the matter may still be moved by a supporter in the full board meeting.  It would not be a motion to reconsider, it would simply be an original main motion, since it appears from the question that the board has not considered this before.  Of course it may be harder to pass the motion in the face of the opposition of the committee.  Still, the board has the power to adopt, reject, or modify any recommendations brought to it by a committee.

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