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Nola's Daily Doses - references

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I am studying for the five RP exams and recently acquired the hard copy Study Guide for NAP Registration Exam, ParlQuest and Nola's Daily Doses. In Nola's Daily Doses, in the section titled Part II: Motions and Related Procedures, starting with #1 for example it makes reference to (pp. II, 1-2) and also states "...locate references on page B-1." It also states "Check answers on page C-1." Similar references are made throughout the document.

Can someone who is familiar with these references that I have highlighted in red above please guide me to where I can actually find them? I have come up empty so far.

Thank you.


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Larry,  I have the same document, recently acquired.  I believe when it says "Check answers on page C-1" it is referring to the back of the Study Guide for the NAP Registration Exam (pp. 200-203). Roughly, page C-1 is p. 200 in the StudyGuide, C-2 is p. 201, C-3 is p. 202, and C-4 is p. 203. I'm guessing other references you mention are similarly unrevised references to the Study Guide. I am assuming the references that are B-1,2, etc correlate to those references bracketed after after each question in the Study Guide, which are references to pages in RONR 11th; and that pp. II, 1-2 refers to Part II of the Study Guide, with old, unrevised page numbers for where those questions are located in the Study Guide. For example, NOLA's reference to (pp. II, 1-2) would in fact be "pp. II, 9-10" in the Study Guide


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