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fix the time to which to adjourn

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In the absence of the president, the vice president, and a quorum with important business that must be conducted before the next meeting where meetings are held less frequently than quarterly, can the secretary call the meeting to order and conduct the meeting for the purpose of moving to fix the time to which to adjourn?

Or, in the same situation, can the assembly in the absence of a quorum elect a chair pro tem to conduct the meeting for the purpose of fixing the time to which to adjourn?

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Yes to both questions.

Edited to add: I suppose, if you are going to follow the letter of RONR, that the technically proper thing to do is to elect a chairman pro tem after the Secretary calls the meeting to order.  However,  I don't see that it really matters much in this situation.

Another alternative, if the matter is really important enough, is for those assembled to decide on a course of action and hope that their decision will be ratified by the assembly at the next quorate and property called and noticed meeting. This assumes that the first meeting was properly called and noticed. If not, ratification would be out of order. 

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Added last two paragraphs

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And I suppose the (new to the 11th ed.) paragraph starting at line 30, page 347 (particularly line 35 and the top of page 348) is what allows the assembly to tip-toe around the rule that clearly states that (other) business cannot be done at an inquorate meeting.  Electing a Chairman pro-tem is certainly other official business, but it is NOT listed explicitly as one of the things you can do in an inquorate meeting. However, it would be, obviously, "related to ... the conduct of the [inquorate] meeting", so OK to do.

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