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That is a question which is  not addressed in RONR and is actually outside the scope of this forum.  It also may depend on your own organization's bylaws and rules. 

However, speaking personally, and in general, most of us who post on here regularly will probably tell you that we consider that a past president to be anyone who has ever been president.  The immediate past president is the person who was most recently president.  There can be many past presidents, but only one immediate past president.  If the current president resigns prematurely, for example, he instantly and automatically becomes the immediate past president, displacing the person who was previously holding that position/title/honor or whatever.   

Even if the currently serving president resigns in disgrace over a scandal, he still becomes the immediate past president.  So, having the immediate past president serve automatically on a board or as a committee chairman can be problematic for that reason.  He may not want anything else to do with the organization and/or the organization may not want anything more to do with him, but they may be stuck with each other with such a provision in the bylaws.  I would urge caution in having the IPP (immediate past president) automatically being in charge of anything.  Others will say that he shouldn't even serve automatically on a board.

I suggest you google the term, but you will probably have better luck researching immediate past president than immediate past commander simply because the term immediate past president comes up more often.

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