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Josh Martin

Point of Order Regarding Lack of Quorum at Prior Meeting

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55 minutes ago, JamesMcLean said:

As a practical matter, it seems that if a member is dissatisfied with the consequences of a quorum ruling at meeting #1, the best course of action is to accept the ruling, and to reintroduce the question through a motion to Rescind or Amend Something Previously Adopted at meeting #2.  It may or may not be in order to raise a point of order concerning previous meeting.  But is there any practical outcome that can be achieved with such a point of order, but cannot be achieved with a "Something Previously Adopted" motion?  If not, then the question is effectively moot.


Maybe, maybe not.

For example, adoption of a motion to rescind or amend what was previously declared to have been adopted may require something more than a majority vote. Or it may well be that, although a majority may not be opposed to the motion that was declared to have been adopted, they may be convinced that there was, in fact, no quorum present when the vote was taken on it.

As previously noted, much depends upon the specific facts involved.


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