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Addendum to minutes

Kathryn Tanner

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A member of my organization requested an addendum (not a correction) to minutes.  The "addendum" is titled "Point of Order: Improper use of Executive Committee" and charges that recommendations made by a previous executive committee were invalid because the meeting was called inappropriately and was in violation of our organization's bylaws.  When this request for addendum was made, all the recommendations made by the committee had been voted upon and approved by the entire board. 

My questions:  How do we handle this addendum?  A majority of the members disagree with the addendum and don't want it as part of the minutes.  If we disapprove the addendum, will we not have minutes recorded for that meeting at all?  Do the charges made about the executive meeting have any effect when posed in this form, as an addendum to minutes?  Is this even a proper way to make a "point of order" as charged by the member?   


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First of all, unless and until this member makes a motion, during a meeting, to add this addendum to the minutes, nothing need be done. If such a motion is made, and if it is not ruled out of order (I think I would rule it out of order if I was presiding), it appears that the motion will be rejected.

No, requesting an "addendum to the minutes" is not a proper way to raise a point of order.


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  • Dan Honemann changed the title to Addendum to minutes

If a member wishes to raise  point of order (which is a member's right), that has to take place in an actual meeting so it, the point and the chairman's ruling on the point, &c (see page 247ff.), can be dealt with by standard procedure.  So in answer to your questions (in the order you asked):

Handle?:  Don't put it in the minutes

Majority?: Good, vote down any motion proposing to put the "addendum" in the minutes

If disapprove?:  No, the rest of the minutes will remain as (either previously or eventually) approved

Charges?:  None whatsoever. See Chapter 20.

Point?:  Nope - first paragraph above.

BTW an "addendum" to minutes (even if proper) IS an amendment to the minutes.  Any change to something proposed (or previously adopted) is an "amendment".

Addendum(!):  And Dan types faster, and says less, than I do.

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Add MY addendum.
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