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I am one of the board members of my condo complex.   The condos are located in the state of California.   We have a unit owner who does not reside in their condo but their son does.   There have been calls made by residents within the vicinity of his condo complex that have called the police out numerous times.   Most recently the occupant of the condo threw a wrench into the unit beneath him and broke their window.   At the time this occurred the resident in the unit did not press charges against the wrench thrower.    Hours later the cops were called out again for another disturbance by him.   I do not live near him,  but apparently he yells and screams profanities all the time.   It seems that the residents of the complex that live near him want the board to handle this and have him evicted.

Is the board actually able to evict someone?   My opinion is that we are not landlords and the eviction would have to come from the owner, which are his parents.  

 there are a couple of members on the board right now that want to contact an attorney to take care of this, I’m sure that would be awfully expensive and they believe that the owner of the condo should pay these charges.   Obviously we would never be reimbursed for this.   Just looking for some ideas of how we can approach this and if it is even within our rights to evict someone.   I don’t believe it is legal for us to take the steps.

i found this online earlier today.


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