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Amending Something Previously Adopted

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1 minute ago, Daniel H. Honemann said:

I said that, in my opinion, the rule that an Objection to the Consideration of a Question cannot be applied to a motion to Rescind or Amend Something Previously Adopted  is a rule that cannot be suspended.

I understand that you disagree.

Why could it not then? 

It does not violate a fundamental principle of parliamentary law.  It is not preventing consideration of a measure that is already under consideration. 

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2 hours ago, Guest Puzzling said:

I don't think I understand the above.

Also was puzzling 

If 2/3th or more is against the amendment the same result can be reached in other ways:

- a motion to end debate (previous question) followed by a vote

- a motion to postpone indefinitely,  followed by the previous question.

Maybe other options.

What is the best option?

Those would permit, technically, debate on on the amendment.

True, an opponent of the amendment could move it, and then immediately move the previous question, thus preventing debate.  It someone in favor of the amendment moves it, he would have preference in recognition for debate.

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9 minutes ago, Guest Andy said:

Can a motion be made that is either permanent or non resindable??

Guest Andy, please post your question by starting a new topic.  The forum works best that way.

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