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Rev. - Amending a Proposed Budget


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I managed to simplify my question.

This is the relevant line from our current constitution (church) 

d. The Congregation Council shall prepare an annual
budget for adoption by this congregation, (emphasis added)  shall supervise the expenditure of funds in accordance therewith following its adoption, and may incur obligations of more than $ 10, 000  in excess of the anticipated receipts only after approval by a Congregation Meeting. The budget shall include this congregation's full indicated share in support of the wider ministry being carried on in partnership with the synod and churchwide organization.

My question:   Can the Council-prepared budget be amended from the floor by a congregation member, following appropriate  procedures? 

Or, based on this language is it a binary vote?   



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3 hours ago, THMcIntyre said:

(ps.  I will ask, preemptively, forgiveness if I've violated ToS or protocols.  I did read the FAQ post and I did do a search on the topics)

We probably should have a standing FAQ entry on this, but no, this not the appropriate place to look for a parliamentarian to hire. Both the National Association of Parliamentarians and the American Institute of Parliamentarians, however, provide referral services.

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