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Motion to Amend - Question


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Normally when a main motion is made, the question changes ownership to the assembly who can then make subsidiary motions such as a motion to amend.  Question: what if, the motion is to adopt a certain document produced by one or more committees and they want the document either approved as it is, or referred back to them for any recommended changes?

Is there an option to move that a document be adopted as is, with requests for amendments (changes in wording) to go back to the party making the motion, who would then consider the change and bring the motion again at a later meeting?

Or, is it the case always that the document is amendable by the assembly (with the proper debate and votes) once the main motion is made to adopt it?

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Ultimately it's up to the assembly what they do with the motion to adopt.  It is always the case that the assembly has a right to amend a main motion placed before it.  The assembly could move to suspend the rules and adopt the document without debate or amendment - "When the object is to adopt a motion without debate or amendment, the form is: 
MEMBER A (obtaining the floor): I move to suspend the rules and adopt [or "agree to"] the following resolution: "Resolved, That ..." (Second.) " 
RONR (11th ed.), p. 266

Or, they can can move to refer it back to the committee with instructions at any time prior to voting on the document.  

It's simply up to the assembly.  The committee has no say in the matter.

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