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A really stupid question (For Mr. Gerber)

Guest Zev

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32 minutes ago, Guest Zev said:

Mr. Zev as a guest cannot edit his posting or communicate with Mr. Gerber privately. Mr. Gerber, however, is free to do with Mr. Zev's posting as he sees fit.

Adjust Zev, if you will join the Forum as a member, preferably using your real name as almost all of us who are serious about this do, you will not have that problem and you will gain a tremendous amount of respect for posting using your real name

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Moar investigating...

My desktop Mac maintains a history of all webpages recently looked at, including the one in question, which can be clicked on to jump to it.  The webpage is still functioning and the PDF is still downloadable, as of 4:30 EDST.

It may, as someone suggested, be cashed somewhere, but I can't tell.  Anything put on the Internet stays on the Internet for a mighty long time.

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