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To suspend or not


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The duties of an officer are not special rules of order because, although they are special, they aren't rules of order, i.e. they aren't about meetings. If adopted as a bylaw, the duties of officers are not suspendable. (They also wouldn't be suspendable even if standing rules, because they have their application outside the meeting context.) 

However, a rule which is clearly in the nature of a rule of order, i.e. about the conduct of meetings, contained in the bylaws, may be suspended.

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7 hours ago, Tomm said:

If the duties of an officer, is considered a "special rule of order" because it specifically specifies their duties other than those that would have been specified in RONR, am I correct that it cannot be suspended because its contained within and as part of the Bylaws? 

Rules relating to the duties of officers in connection with the orderly transaction of business during meetings are rules of order (RONR, 11th ed., p. 15, ll. 7-11). Such rules, if contained within the bylaws, may be suspended unless the bylaws prohibit their suspension (p. 263, ll. 1-7).

And by the way, rules in the bylaws which are in the nature of rules of order are bylaws, not special rules of order.

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